3) Annalise claims that Amos told her he and Eva were broken up, and so he was free to hook up with whomever he liked. Eva claims that Annalise should have known he was still “hers,” despite their argument, and off-limits. Who do you think is right?



4) Maeve’s sister Samantha enters Tori’s beauty pageant #InstaHotOrNot, despite being warned not to. Annalise calls her “attention-seeking” and doesn’t understand why any girl would enter in the first place.  What do you think was Samantha’s motivation? Have you ever posted something online you later regretted? 



5) When Annalise confronts Tori about her online pageant, she writes the words: “A pretty face does not mean a pretty heart.” and others follow with more aphorisms: “Beauty is only skin deep,” and pretty is as pretty does.” Do you think beautiful people are often given an unfair advantage, or the benefit of the doubt? 



6) Noelle says: “I have been a faker, too. And I’m not alone. It seems everyone has something they are covering up.” Do you believe we all have something we are faking? Can faking ever be a positive thing?



7) At the end of the novel, Noelle muses that that our online connections can let us “scrape away the surface and connect somewhere true.” Do you agree with this? Have you ever made a connection on line you wouldn’t have made in real life?



8) Were there any warning signs that might have alerted Annalise that she was being catfished? How would you protect yourself from being tricked this way?





1) What does it mean to catfish someone? How did it get that name? Have you ever created a false online identity, or known someone who has? Why? What reasons would someone do that?



2) In Chapter Two, when contemplating setting up a fake profile, Noelle muses, “wasn’t there some news story, some girl, some state law . . . ? “ Have you ever heard of any cases in the news of bullying? Do you believe there should be laws addressing cyberbullying?

Discussion Questions for IDENTITY CRISIS